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WANTED - Rail, railway related, machinery (Australia AU flag)

WANTED Ref: 02265 New Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: Looking for a 11/2" scale American or large Australian type steam locomotive of a Pacific, Hudson, Berkshire or Northern Wheel arrangement. Doesn't need to be a show pony but a good solid reliable runner. Preferably a steel boiler. Reasonable money paid for appropriate loco and relevant to mechanical design and condition, not how shiny the paint is.
Location: Northern area, SA
WANTED Ref: 02262 Top
Description: Machinists cast iron surface plate - approx 24x24 inches or larger in reasonable machine shop condition
For marking out. I will collect from seller
Location: Brisbane, Qld
WANTED Ref: 02221 Top
Description: AMBSC ticketed large vertical boiler
Miniature engines to run off boiler
Location: Morwell, Vic
WANTED Ref: 02162 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: Plans for Wato 71/4"g Heidi II loco and tender; original or copies, paper or digital, partial sets also considered
WANTED Ref: 02125 Gauge: 71/41/2" Top
Description: 71/4"g Mountain Car Co. Modern Trucks.
Location: Alton Downs, Qld
WANTED Ref: 02092 Scale: 3 or 4"/ft Top
Description: Looking for a 3 to 4"/ft traction engine. Will pay a fair price.
Prefer one which requires completion or repairs. A kit would be considered.
WANTED Ref: 02088 Gauge: 5" Top
Description: Looking for a 6 inch copper boiler or a price to build one please
Location: Wagga Wagga, NSW
WANTED Ref: 02079 Gauge: 5" Top
Description: Wanted - 5"g UK style 4 wheeled coal wagon
See picture for example
Location: Melbourne, Vic
WANTED Ref: 02052 Gauge: 5" Top
Description: Looking for 5"g track in any condition, also 5"g rolling stock, bogies, wheel and axle sets etc. Interested in any condition.
Can dismantle and pick up. NSW/ACT region but can travel.
Location: Canberra/Queanbeyan region, NSW
WANTED  Ref: xxxxx Gauge: Top
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