AALS Codes

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The AALS Boiler Codes and Codes of Practice have been developed by the Australian Association of Live Steamers (AALS) are are accepted by relevant authorities Australia wide, and are used as a reference or defacto standard by many others worldwide.

AMBSC Boiler CodesTop

These boiler codes were developed and published by the Australian Miniature Boiler Safety Committee (AMBSC), and cover miniature boilers for steam powered models. There are different codes for different boiler types and sizes.

P/N AMBSC01 AMBSC Boiler Code Part 1
(Copper Boilers) A4 Soft cover.

Covers copper boilers up to 25 litres capacity and <700kPa (100psi), and <203mm (8") diameter.

Part No.: 107001 (AMBSC01)Index
Price: $25.00 + pp&h 0.195 kg Delivery: 0.5~2 weeks

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