Construction Photo Diaries

A number of people around the world have made live steam locomotives, and whilst doing so have taken the time to document their work and make a step-by-step photo diary and description of what they did and how they did it, and publish it on the web. We should all thank these people collectively, as they have provided a very good library of information for the rest of us. They have done an excellent job of documenting their work.

Below are some links to the various pages produced by these people, and they show how to make this widget or that widget etc. There is some excellent stuff here if you take the time to peruse.

These links provided for your information and reference only, and they have no connection with and are external to this site.


Construction Photo Diaries

0-6-0 "Romulant" loco based on "Romulas" design (UK)

Hunslett 4-6-0 (UK), and another Hunslett 4-6-0 'Spencer' (UK)

US SD60M diesel David Hannah III (US)

Making a 5"g 2-6-2 loco 'William' H.Watanabe (Japan)

Making a Japanese C53 Pacific loco H.Watanabe (Japan)

Building a 0-6-0 Live Steam loco '666' J-E Nyström (Finland)

Classic American 1880s 4-4-0 J-E Nyström (Finland)

A 4-6-0 'Ten-wheeler' J-E Nyström (Finland)

Driving Trolley John Baguley (UK)

GWR 0-4-2 14xx class Erik-Jan Stroetinga (Holland)

'Britannia' John Johnston (UK)

'Simplex' John (Malaysia)

'Simplex' 0-6-2 version. John Baguley (UK)

'Simplex'. Wilfried Vermeiren. (Belgium)

3½"g 0-4-0 Pennsylvania A3 from Pat Hutcheson (USA)

3½"g 0-4-0 Pennsylvania A3 from Tsuneo Minagawa (Japan)

3½"g 0-4-0 Pennsylvania A3 and G1 Heisler from Ed Hume

A Climax Locomotive for Gauge 1

5"g 0-4-0 Decauville Romuald Noel (France) [English Translation]

71/4"g locomotives from Boulder Creek Tramway (Australia)

5"g K1 Garratt from Marco Piranese (Italy)

5"g BR 9F Video diary (UK)

Burrell Engine Builder - Conrad Dew (UK) 4" scale Burrell

Burrell Traction Engine (France)

2" scale Foden steam wagon (Belgium)

A 1.5" scale Shay Nelson Riedel (USA)

A 1.5" scale 2-8-2 Mikado Bill Gardei (USA)

A 7¼"g SAR Class 25NC 4-8-4 Jim Nolan (UK)

'Polly' 5"g 2-6-0 tank loco

'Polly' 5"g 0-6-0 tender loco M.Orton (UK)

'Polly' 5"g 2-6-0 tender loco (Australia)

5"g 5700 Pannier Tank 0-6-0

5"g 'Sweet Pea' 0-4-2

Ulrich Hüsken (Germany) building a Baureihe 64, Preußische T3, and In Planung T9.3 [English Translation]

A German T3 0-6-0 by Erik-Jan Stroetinga (Holland)

7.5" gauge USRA Heavy Mikado (USA)

7.5" gauge Southern Pacific GS-4 Daylight Dan (USA)

Construction of a 'Blowfly' (Australia)

A number of Bulleid 'Merchant Navy' class locos (UK)

Construction of 'Red Fred (RM55)' railmotor by Pete Nixon (Australia)

5"g 'Big Boy' Alberto Celot (Italy) [English Translation]

5"g Bucyrus - Erie 250-Ton Crane Alberto Celot (Italy) [English Translation]