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Standard FOR SALE Ad

A standard FOR SALE ad can contain 1 photo and a brief description of the item for sale up to about 50 words, plus a further 30 words or so on the boiler, or power source and drive method etc. Ads may include web links to other sites or to a video sharing site. Ads run for 90 days.

Premium FOR SALE Ad

In addition to the standard for sale ad, a premium FOR SALE ad runs for a longer period (120 days), and can include up to 1,000 words of additional information plus up to 5 additional photos or diagrams. You may include a detailed description and more information, pointing out any special features, or any special instructions regarding shipment etc. Include any information that may be of assistance to a potential buyer to select your item. Ads may include web links to other sites or to a video sharing site.

Standard FOR SALE Ad (Text only)

Same as a standard for sale ad except text only, NO photo. Ads may include web links to other sites or to a video sharing site.

Wanted Ad

A standard WANTED ad can contain up to about 50 words describing the wanted item. Ads run for 90 days.

Stolen Listing

List of stolen items to assist in their recovery. Listing runs indefinately until notification to remove is received.
Stolen listings are a Free service.

Contact details in ad

All ads in For Sale and Wanted have an "Inquire" button, and your true contact email is hidden from users. Any responses to the ad come from the inquiry form which the user fills in. An email is then sent immediately to your nominated email addres with a copy to SMEX. A valid email address is mandatory to receive ad responses. The email address used for ad responses may be different to your personal email in your confidential "My Account" profile, and different for each ad, if desired.

Submit your ad

Ads are posted to this web site on receipt of payment.

Submissions for ads may use this form, or may be emailed or posted.

Ads have a New marker displayed for 14+ days after listing.



Click here for hints on composing your ad, or how to include a videoLinks to a video hosted on a video sharing site such as YouTube, PhotoBucket or flickr etc may be included in your ad. Click 'Hints' at left for details. in your ad, and hints for Buyers and Sellers.

Types of items accepted for Ads

This site is primarily aimed at hand-made scale models and related equipment, including workshop equipment used to make them (e.g. live steam and ride-on type railway models and related equipment, steam engines, garden railway (32/45mm), traction engines, steam boats, scale model boats and marine models, etc). Ads for other types of items may be accepted at a future time.

Ads for most commercial mass-produced 'off-the-shelf in-a-box' type models not accepted. If in doubt, ask first.


From Buyer to Seller - It is the buyer's responsibility to make payment to the seller. Form of payment is by agreement between buyer and seller. This may be:- bank or personal cheque or money order made payable to the seller, seller advises buyer of bank details and buyer uses EFT to transfer payment, some other form of online payment, or plain old cash. It is not currently possible to transfer money from buyer to seller via this web site.

From you to SMEX - Payments can be made online, or via surface mail. See the payment options page for details.


It is usually the buyer's responsibility to arrange and pay for any shipping from the item's current location.
Shipping is NOT included, unless otherwise explicitly stated or agreed with the seller.

If an item is heavy, it is a good idea to know the weight of your item being sold, and include the words "approx. xxx kg" in your ad. This enables a prospective buyer to estimate probable shipping costs.

Packing, as distinct from freight/shipping, usually falls to the seller, with the seller arranging/packing the item(s) in a suitable manner for shipment (crates, boxes, cardboard boxes, padded envelopes, none at all, etc) as appropriate for the item(s) being sold. There may be a small cost involved in this, so include a little more in the asking price to cover this cost if necessary.

Shipment of an item to (or from) an overseas location, is not very difficult, except that there is a bit more paperwork involved (groan) and a couple of simple things need to be done. Click here for notes on overseas shipment.


Electronic Submission

Send by either using the submission form, or by separate email(s). Any text must be in .TXT, .RTF or .DOC format. Photographs preferred in .JPG, .GIF or .PNG format (avoid .BMP or .TIFF format due to file size). For premium ads, prepare the additional description in a MS Word (.DOC) format document with photos embedded, plus send photos as separate files. Keep size of attachments less than 7MB per message.
If you don't have a scanner or digital camera, send a hard copy photo by post.

Hard Copy Postal Submission

Any written material MUST be typed. Photographs no smaller than postcard size if possible, and suitably packaged to avoid possible transit damage in the postal system. Hard copy submissions cannot be returned unless SSAE included with submision.

Submit your ad Advertising rates Hints Make Payment Example ads here