Payment Options

Advertising rates      

There are several ways to make payment. All prices are in A$ unless specified.
Ads are placed online upon receipt of payment.


 1 Payment by credit card
 Available online only.
Use the shopping cart below to calculate the amount. When finished, click on "View Cart" and "Continue to checkout".
For SaleSelect =>
Standard (1 photo): $20
Premium (6 photos): $30
Text only (none): $15
[plus 1.5% commission on final sale price when sold]
WantedSelect =>
Standard: $10
with thumbnail photo: $15
Continuation of ad: $10
[per 3 mth period beyond original expiry - All ad types]
Stolen Listing Free
In new window
For multiple ads, use "Add to cart" buttons required number of times, or change qty in shopping cart, prior to checkout.
 2 Payment by credit card
Available online only.

Payment of custom amount

Use this option to submit commission, pay any invoices, miscellaneous payments, and for special offers,etc.

Click "Custom amount" to enter the type of payment, amount and your details, etc.

Custom amount

Note: On the payment screen, to pay by credit card just click "Continue" near the credit card logos near where it says "Don't have a PayPal account?".
NZ Flag Note for NZ and other foreign users.
Your credit card is charged in A$, and converted by your credit card issuer to your local currency at the current exchange rate, and appears on your statement in your local currency.
 3 Postal payment
Sorry, credit card facility NOT available.
Calculate the amount manually
Send postal payments by Cheque or Money Order in A$, payable to "D.Archibald", or cash at your own risk.

See Contacts for address details.

 4 Electronic Transfer
Payment by EFT transfer of funds direct into a bank account is possible by prior arrangement. Please contact first to use this method.
 5 PayPal Available online only.
Payment from your PayPal account (if you have one). Enter your PayPal account details in place of credit card details when using options 1 or 2.


Payment by credit card is available online only. Credit card payments are processed by PayPal.
Solution Graphics PayPal is the trusted leader in online payments, and enables buyers and sellers to send and receive money online. It is preferred by sites such as eBay for payments. It provides a SECURESecure transaction'Secure' means encrypted communications across the Internet. When encrypted, the address bar will begin with "https://" instead of the normal "http://" and may be a different colour, and look for the lock symbol in the information bar of your browser. way to make online payments [Look for the Secure transaction symbol]. Secure payments accepted by credit cards, or direct debit where available. Your account details remain confidential.
You may cancel a transaction at any time prior to completing the checkout if you wish.
You DO NOT need a PayPal account to pay online, only your credit card.