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I just discovered your site and had a nosey around. It is great, clear and easy to use. [SC, Sydney, NSW]

Thanks for your assistance. Was a pleasure to deal with your company. Will definitely recommend to others. [NG, Hastings, Vic]

We were very impressed about your professionality in handling our matter and we are convinced you will be able to help us this time again. [KL, Narraweena, NSW]

Thanks for a quick sale. Much appreciated. [GJ, Worrigee, NSW]

I have sold the [loco] and the [loco] to the same buyer in 1 day. So far I have had 3 other enquiries, all wanted to buy them which was great. I think it is better than Ebay because you only get steam enthusiasts looking and you don't have to wait a month for a magazine to come out! [DM, Epping, NSW]

Bought a loco via this site a month ago and she is now running like a dream. Very happy with the hobby and well done with this site. [DS, Australia]

. . . Many thanks for a great web site, Regards [MC, Bellevue Hill, NSW]

I was very surprised at the quick sale of my 5 inch gauge loco. Just goes to prove the value of SMEX 'For Sale' section. I will be using it again very shortly. Many thanks again. [EH, Ballan, Vic]

Top job on the site and you should be commended for the way it's run. It's made two [deleted] Railway members very happy (me included) by purchases made off the site. [JR, Stockton, NSW]

Many thanks for your assistance .... Many Thanks. [EH, Ballan, Vic]

Thanks for the service!! I'll do business with SMEX again! [GP, Chelsea, Vic]

SMEX is a great site, keep up the great work! [RJ, Nowra, NSW]

Many thanks for your assistance, keep up the good work. [GJ, Worrigee, NSW]

I appreciate your service and if I have anything in the future I certainly will be using your services. [KM, West Beach, SA]

As I said, a good site for this type of thing. After a good result from my previous ad with you, I’m submitting another ad to go in the ‘For Sale’ section of the SMEX. [EH, Ballan, Vic 05/11]

Thanks again for your help you are providing a fantastic service to the hobby, and I have also caught up with a few of my lost fellow model engineering mates now that they have seen my contact details on your site. [LB, The Gap, Qld 06/11]

Thanks for helping us to achieve a quick sale through your SMEX internet ads. [WMES, Maitland, NSW 11/11]

. . . Many thanks again for your site. Best since "sliced bread". Will contact you soon re sale of other items. Would recommend this site to anyone. [EH, Ballan, Vic 03/12]

The model is sold. Thank you for your SMEX service, it’s very good. [JW, Narrabundah, ACT, 04/12]

[my loco] was bought in partnership and they were the first offer, and I had two others who would have bought it sight unseen plus a number of callers and obvious tyre kickers. I was very pleased with your service and I will post off the commission when I go to the bank Friday. [JW, Keilor, Vic, 06/12]

Great site as is. I put the ad on for my father and it is the first time that I/we have sold anything on the net. We are very pleased with the outcome. Thank you and hope that the site continues on into the future. PS. Your codes are a lot easier to read than any others that I have had to decifer, I usually have to give up trying. Great site. [JB, Wherrol Flat, NSW, 10/12]

I have received payment today and [my item] will be heading for a new life in Sth Australia. Thanks for providing a great service, keep up the good work. [BA, Ferntree Gully, Vic, 11/12]

Many thanks for all your help and support. Glad [my loco] is going to a good home to be enjoyed. [RP, Wentworth Falls, NSW, 05/13]

Thanks for this service and I will look forward to using SMEX in the near future for another sale. Thanks again [PM, Launceston, Tas, 10/13]

... very pleased with the results advertising in the wanted section [JJ, Alton Downs, Qld, 09/14]

The loco has been sold, many thanks for this service. ... Look forward to advertising here again [PM, Launceston, Tas, 09/14]

Many thanks for your work. Your website is an excellent resource and a great help. [GL, Innisfail, Qld, 10/15]

SMEX very easy to use, payments very fast, all-round very good and safe. Will use again next time, very efficient service. Thank you. [IM, Bunbury, WA, 12/15]

Thanks for the time you have put into my add, as a result my add was successful through your website. I received the asking price for the locomotive and it sold in 5 days. I'll be sure to use your site again in the future [CW, Forest Glen, Qld, 11/16]

Thanks to SMEX .Keep up the good work, love your site. [JW, Vic, 07/18]

I have sold the [item] that I advertised with you – went in less than 24 hours – thank you for your help – your website is a real success and an asset for all model engineers [KM, West Beach, SA, 04/19]

I have found what I was looking for in the form of a part finished Bunyip loco from Coffs Harbour via this website. Thanks for having a great website!! [SB, Godfreys Creek, NSW, 05/19]

Thanks for the opportunity to use your advertising service. Regards [GP, Esk, Qld, 06/20]


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