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[Thu, 22 Feb 2018 15:57:18 +1100]
Recalling the railway pay buses

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Why isn't Canberra's train station in the CBD?

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Tasmanian Railway Stories - Episode 1

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Moving mail by rail made for fond memories

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Zig Zag Railway battling adversity to finally get itself back on track
It has been the most frequently asked question from tourists in the area this summer when is the Zig Zag Railway reopening? The world famous but beleaguered tourist attraction has faced countless trials and tribulations since operations were disrupted for regulatory upgrades in June 2012. The closure was meant to be maintained until safety issues identified by the Independent Transport Safety Regular were addressed. But mother nature had different ideas. Floods, fires, and multiple insurance claims later, is there now light at the end of the tunnel?
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Hello everyone from the wilds of Central Burma!
I’m writing to you from Nay Pay Daw, the new capital built from scratch just 10 years ago in a fertile area of rice fields, lakes and rolling hills. The whole government apparatus has been moved here much like Canberra was 100 years ago. It’s a surreal and oddly fascinating place. The albino elephants at grand pagoda are a treat and the hotel here is pure luxury, only a year old and a destination in itself.
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Puffing Billy keeps Australian steam train history alive
Puffing Billy keeps Australian steam train history alive
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