Abbreviations used on this site:

ah After Hours
AMBSC Australian Miniature Boiler Safety Committee (part of AALS)
GWO Good Working Order
LBSC nom-de-plume for author 'Curly' Lawrence in 'Model Engineer' magazine in years past whose designs are still popular
LOA Length overall
MB megabytes
n/a not applicable
neg negotiable
NG Narrow gauge
nr near
ono or near offer
pp&h packing, postage & handling
poa price on application
SSAE stamped self addressed envelope

Notes about telephone numbers   Top

Telephone numbers are written for direct dialling from within the relevant country. If dialling from elsewhere, you need to include your international ISD access code and the country code, and omit the leading 0 if applicable.

e.g. Australian number 02 1234 5678 becomes (your ISD access code)+61+2+1234 5678

ISD country codes:-

61 Australia 64 New Zealand

Also, if dialling from another location, be considerate of the possible time zone difference when calling.
If unsure of the current time in that location, check it on Time Ticker.

Currency:- If you want to convert the prices to another currency, use this Universal Currency Converter®.