US/CN Live Steam & Related Equipment Suppliers

Allen Models 11/2" & 21/2" scale locomotive
American Model Engineering Supply Live Steam Fittings, fastners and supplies, model taper pipe taps and dies
Backyard Engineer 1/8 scale diesel locomotives and rolling stock
Backyard Train Company Rideable 1" scale trains and rolling stock
Bluechipper 1/8 scale industrial locomotives
Jack Bodenmann 11/2" steam locomotives and rollingstock
Boston Locomotive Works 11/2" scale parts, scale signals, more
Branchline Products 11/2" scale detail parts, bogies, couplers
Bryte Rails 11/2" scale caboose markers, locomotive markers and switch lamps
Cannonball 11/2" scale diesels and rolling stock
Carr's Locomotives 11/2" scale locomotives and rolling stock
Crenshaw Locomotive Works 11/2" scale locomotives, cars, transmissions
Coles Power Models Kits, materials, supplies
David Moore's Live Steam 11/2" scale kits for feed pumps, reverse gear, etc
Despatch Railroad Products 1" scale bogies, fittings
Diamond Car Works 15"g rolling stock
Donís Machine Shop Duplex steam pumps, 3/4" scale Andrews style trucks, machining services
Eaton Custom Engineering 71/2"g locomotives, parts
Flashers R Us Scale flashing, blinking, and lighting products primarily for 71/2" gauge.
Great American Train Company 11/2" scale locomotives and rolling stock
Hartford Shops 11/2" and 21/2" scale locomotives and rolling stock
J&S Railcars 11/2" and G scale rolling stock
Jereco RR 1" & 11/2" scale locomotives, rolling stock, track
Kamilion locomotive 11/2" scale haudraulic and electric drive locomotives
L & B Model Trains 11/2" scale cars
Lawn Tracks Large Scale Decorative Garden Railroad Tracks And Cars
Lee's Trains 1/8 scale non-steam locomotives, rolling stock, handrail stanchions
Little Engines LE of California:- 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1" scale steam locomotives, cars, accessories
LE of New Jersey:- 11/2" scale steam locomotives, cars, accessories
Live Steam Locomotives 71/4" & 71/2" gauge steam locomotives and drawings
Live Steam Parts 1/2", 3/4", 1", 11/2" scale OS steam locomotives and parts
Live Steam Supply 11/2" scale cars
Loco Gear 11/2" scale shay locomotives/parts
Loco Parts 11/2", 21/2", 33/4" scale valves and accessories, gas burners, etc
L.S. Manufacturing Scale valves and accessories.
The Machinery Works 1" and 11/2" scale Fittings, accessories, etc
Mammoth Locomotive Works Locomotives, boiler and machining
Mason's Trains 11/2" scale steam locomotives.
MDM Locomotive Works 11/2" scale diesel locomotives, power trucks, and accessories.
Merrick Light Railway Equipment Works Custom building and restoring light railway equipment & locomotives up to 36"g
Midwest Model Steam Products 11/2" scale diesel & steam loco driving wheels, valves, turbo generator
Midwest Train Works 1" scale freight cars and accessories
Miracle Railroad Products Custom graphics and decals for the large scale modeler (1"/ft up), T-shirts, signs, flags
Mountain Car Company 1/8 scale train products - locomotives, passenger & freight cars, couplers, bogies, brake parts
Mr Motion 71/2"g battery electric locomotive
Moe's Locomotive Works 1/8 scale steam locomotives, custom designs, parts, repair & maintenance (Canada)
Norm & Jon's Shop 11/2" scale locomotives and cars
One Inch Scale Railroad Supply 1" scale bogies, couplers, etc
The Passenger Car Co 1.6" scale streamlined railroad passenger cars
Plum Cove Studios Flat cars, electric locomotives, bogies etc
Precision Locomotive Castings 1.6" scale castings, rough or machined for Climax, Willamette, Pennsy and more
Precision Steel Car 1/8 scale rolling stock and accessories
PM Research Working Model Steam Engines, Machine Tool Kits, Model Supplies, Finished Model Hot-Air Engines, Stirling Cycle Engines, Books, Tools, Toys, etc.
Rail Rider Supply Manufacturer of speeders, trains, components, parts and accessories for 71/2"
Railroad Supply Corporation 11/2" scale steam and diesel locomotives, track and accessories
Railroad Warehouse 11/2" scale steam locomotives kits, fittings and accessories, 1 & 11/2" scale couplers
Real Trains 11/2" scale locomotives and rolling stock
Ride Trains 11/2" scale battery locomotives for beginners
Ridgway Roundhouse Products locomotives
Riding Railkits 1" scale locomotive and rolling stock kits
Roll Models 11/2" scale locomotives and rolling stock, accessories
Scale Diversions 71/2"g hand car
Scale Products Company Scale Signals
SuperScale Locomotive Company 11/2" scale injectors, valves, pipe fittings, accessories
Tiny Power Model & marine steam engines
Tom Bee 11/2" scale freight cars, couplers, parts
Total E Toys 11/2" scale electric drives, F3 / F5 / F7 A + B Fiberglass Bodies, bogies, sound systems.
Train Works 11/2" scale locomotives and rolling stock
Tune Trains 11/2" scale locomotives, freight cars, accessories
Wright Rail Works / Solid Design 11/2" scale freight bogies, couplers, cars, custom builder's plates, decals