UK Live Steam & Related Equipment Suppliers

17D 5" and 71/4" gauge locos, wagons, signalling, detail parts and materials
Abbots Model Engineering 5" and 71/4" gauge locos and rolling stock
R A Barker Engineering Steam Fittings for Model Engineers.
Blackgates Engineering Suppliers To Model Engineers of Drawings, Castings, Tools & Materials.
Brunell Models Marine Engines, Stationary Engines, Steam Tractors, Ploughing Engines, Traction Engines and Locomotives.
Cheddar Valley Steam Bespoke Copper Boilers & Kits
Compass House 5"g and 71/4"g battery locomotives, riding trucks, etc
Cromar White Miniature railway equipment for ride-on garden, and commercial installations etc.
Dave Noble Wagon and locomotive bits for scale 5"g models.
Doug Hewson (Models) 5"g locos, detail fittings.
Ellingham Engineering Steam model vendor/dealer
Engineers Emporium CNC machined wheels, cast brake blocks, Cylinder castings and liners, Castings for stationary engines, Loco kits. 2nd hand locos etc.
GLR Distributors Loco castings and ME supplies
GS Supplies Locomotives, traction engines and ME supplies
Jim Vass 71/4"g locomotives and lift tables
Live Steam Models Model Traction Engines and ME supplies
Lynx Model Works Steam locomotives (coal, gas or spirit fired as appropriate) in all gauges from '0' to 15"g, traction engines, stationary and boat/launch steam engines.
Macc Model Engineers ME Supplies, Fittings etc.
Maidstone Engineering Supplies Fittings, books, track parts, rolling stock parts etc.
Mainsteam Models Model steam boats, parts, locomotive accessories etc
Maxitrak Steam and electric locomotives, road vehicles
Miniature Pressure Gauge Manufacture and supply all types of pressure, vacuum & temperature gauges from 12mm up to 300mm diameter
Miniature Railway Supply Track and rail, points, sleepers, fittings, scale signals
MJ Engineering Suppliers of drawings, castings, nuts, bolts, rivets, materials, steam fittings and machining services, 2nd hand locomotive and traction engines.
Model Engineering Products Bexhill Locomotives, riding trucks and trolleys, bogies etc.
Model Engineers Laser Laser cutting service for Model Engineers by a Model Engineer at reasonable prices.
Parkside Electronics Suppliers of parts and accessories for electric lcomotives.
Phoenix Locomotives 71/4" and 5" gauge battery powered model locomotives
PNP Railways Vacuum brake parts, track parts, 71/4"g wagons, 5"g loco, scale signals.
Polly Model Engineering Locomotives and stationary engine kits, drawings, castings
P.T Machining CNC and machining services, Copper boilers to ECC regulations complete with the CE mark.
Reeves Fittings, materials, model engineering supplies, etc
Ride On Railways 5"g Ground level garden railways
Roanoke 71/4"g up locomotives and rolling stock.
Steam Fittings All types of steam fittings etc
Stuart Models Steam engine castings, kits and RTR. boilers, pumps, fittings etc
Steam Plates Custom made name plates etc
Westbourne Models Model Marine, steam etc
Western Steam Model Engineers Copper boilers, for live steam locomotives, and traction engines.