Australan & New Zealand Live Steam and Equipment Suppliers

In alphabetical order

ArgyleArgyle Locomotive Works Small scale steam 32/45mm gauge railways, Aster, Roundhouse, Regner, Accucraft
Australian Railcraft Detail scale polyurethane castings for 5"g rolling stock and locomotives.
Beach House Steam Castings for 71/4" g and 5"g QR locomotives.
DinkiDiDinki Di Engineering 5" & 71/4" wheels, couplers, etc
DNC Systems 7¼"g Fittings and accessories from SuperScale (US), 7¼"g and 5" parts, couplers, custom machining.
IkonHobby Mechanics ME supplies, QR locomotive plans, castings etc.
IkonIkon Engineering Low-volume custom built transport equipment, namely rubber tyred vehicles, small-scale railway equipment including boilers, complete steam, diesel or electric locomotives, and passenger carrying rolling stock.
Live Steam Australia Castings and steel boilers for 7¼"g locomotives, fittings
LPR ToolmakersLPR Toolmakers Suppliers of engineering tools
MacWhirter Locomotive 3D Printing 3D printing specialising in model engineering items
M.B.M. Model Engineering Model engineering supplies, steam pumps, valves, injectors, nuts, bolts, gauges etc
MinitechMiniature Steam Steam engine & casting sets, model engineering tools & supplies, model ship, boat kits & propellors, Sherline machinery
Miniature Train Company 71/4"g Scale Engines and Rolling Stock
MinitechMinitech Engineering and Model Supplies, Myford, Sherline
Mini Train Systems Locomotive and Railway Builders, Custom designs, Australian designs, and UK (Maxitrak) import agents
Model Engineering Supplies Model Engineering supplies, loco & engine drawings, kits for VR rollingstock.
MCASteamco Engines Small stationary steam engine models
Steamfitters Warehouse Fasteners, material, castings
Waratah Railway Workshops NSW Rlwys rolling stock kits for 5"g, fine scale detailing parts
Warwick Sandberg 5"g bogies, injectors, water pumps
E&J Winter Model engineering supplies, plans & castings for NSWGR locomotives, O.B. Bolton engines