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Links to SMEX

Webmasters, to include a link with the SMEX logo on your web page, please add the following HTML code to your page.

Just copy this code and paste into your page where you want the SMEX link to appear.

Note: It is recommended that you reference the logo image through the code as shown below, so that any changes to the logo are reflected immediately on your pages. Do not keep a copy of the logo on your own site.

HTML code for link with logo here HTML code for text only link here

Example of how this link looks in light and dark backgrounds:-

Example of text-only link:-

Scale Model Exchange Scale Model Exchange

Scale Model Exchange (SMEX)



The QR Code for SMEX is shown at right.
On mobile phones with QR code capability, scanning this code will direct you to the SMEX web site.

QR Code
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