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Hints for Sellers

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Hints for composing your ad.

Want to sell your scale model items? The best way to sell your items is to:-

  • Have a good clear colour photo, showing details.
  • Have a clear concise description of the item for sale (and extended description and extra photos for Premium ads).
  • Submit the highest quality and definition photo(s) possible of your item.
  • If you do not have a photo of your item available, do you have a magazine picture/clipping, or photo of a similar item, or even a photo of the prototype, to submit? - it is better than no photo at all.
  • Remember that not everybody is familiar with the names or terminology often used, so include enough words to fully describe your item for new comers.

Potential buyers will pore over photos - more so than by reading a word-only description so a good photo of your item is invaluable.

Including a Video

Including Video files

It is possible to include a video in your ad. However, as videos are typically quite large files, we regret that video files cannot be accepted directly due to server limitations. To include a video, upload your video to a site such as YouTube, PhotoBucket, flickr, or similar (there are plenty of these video hosting web sites, usually free).

Then just provide a link to your hosted video to include in your ad. This is how an example video link will look in your ad and how it works.

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To place an ad, the following is required: Top

All Ads

  • Your full contact details for confidential use between you and SMEX. These details are used for administrative purposes only and NOT published, and are never disclosed to any 3rd party without your permission.

Standard Ad

  • Description of item for sale, up to about 50 words. Include the following:
    • gauge, basic dimensions etc (or other description as applicable)
    • state whether model of a prototype, or a well known model type (eg VR 'K' Class, 'Blowfly', 'Sweet Pea' etc), or freelance
    • wheel arrangement (for locomotives)
    • colour, number or name on model etc
    • basic specifications if available (scale, bore/stroke, dimensions, etc)
    • any special features
    • condition/age of model
  • One clear colour photograph, showing as much detail as possible, and of the highest resolution available
  • For steam powered models: type and construction material of boiler, and status of boiler certification
  • For other forms of power: a brief description of power plant and drive method
  • Current location of item
  • A contact email for ad responses
  • Asking price
  • Exclusions, if any (eg such-and-such not included)

Premium Ad

  • as per standard ad above, plus
  • more detailed extended description of up to 1,000 words
  • up to 5 additional photographs or diagrams

Wanted Ad

  • Description of wanted item, up to about 50 words
  • Your location
  • A contact email for ad responses

Stolen Listing

  • Free listing
  • Details and photo of stolen item
  • Police/insurance reference
  • Location from which stolen
  • your contact details as you want to appear for publication

Once you have agreed to sell an item to a buyer, make sure that you have the payment to you guaranteed, or already received, before parting with your item. It is unfortunate, although rare, that there are unscrupulous people who take advantage of others and may offer a bad cheque, or promises of payment etc., and may end up with your item for free. Just be aware that this can happen and be careful.

You should also, after agreeing to sell, disuss with the buyer to arrange packing and shipping of the item in question. It is usually the buyer who arranges and pays for shipping.

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Hints for Buyers

Hints for Sellers here


The Internet is a good way of finding that item or article you have been looking for. However, we all rely on the integrity of the advertiser to provide an accurate description of the item for sale, and that the advertiser has the legal right to sell the item. Unfortunately, some people abuse the trust of others, and offer inaccurate or deceptive descriptions, or try to sell fraudulently obtained items.

Every precaution is taken in pre-screening the ads on this site, but it is the responsibility of the seller be able to legally sell the item, and not to provide inaccurate or deceptive information. If this is found to be the case, the offending ad will be removed immediately without recompense, and the appropriate authorities notified if required.

If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is!

It is case of "Caveat Emptor". This is a Latin term meaning "let the buyer beware". It is a legal maxim stating that the buyer takes the risk regarding quality or condition of the property purchased, unless protected by warranty. Another definition is "The axiom or principle in commerce that the buyer alone is responsible for assessing the quality of a purchase before buying".

Buying a part-built model. Buyer beware again ... If it is a steam powered model with the chassis or engine complete enough to run on air, then insist on seeing it run on air, forwards and reverse. The running should be smooth and not too 'lumpy'.

If the item is presented as 'dismantled awaiting rebuild' or similar, then insist on proof that it ever ran, or consider walking away, unless you are confident in your abilities of being able to 'make a go of it'.

Before purchasing an item with a steam boiler in particular, it would be prudent to ask the seller to confirm the existence or otherwise of the AMBSC boiler or other relevant number, stamped somewhere on the boiler, before purchasing the item, and to run the number by your club boiler inspector. The inspector should be able to identify the original club from the number, and with a phone call or two, verify the provenance of the boiler.

If the boiler is part-built, ask for proof of inspection of the parts by a boiler inspector. A boiler ID number should already have been issued for such a boiler.

Ask questions too about the current certification status (currently has valid ticket, ticket expired, etc). A boiler offered for sale without it's history being available may well turn out to be an expensive piece of scrap metal.

Similarly it would be prudent to check the provenance of any item prior to purchase, by making a few judicious phone calls, or send an email or two.

Note too that unless otherwise explicitly stated by the Seller, any transportation of the item from its current location is the responsibility of the Buyer.

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