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FOR SALE Ref: 02380 LOA: 5.5mBeam: 1.42m Top
Description: Steam Launch "JADAPEMA" as featured in the Australian Model Engineer magazine Sept-Oct 2004 issue 116
All timber hull with Australian White Beech deck
Registered road trailer, Extra life jackets etc
Boiler: Vertical fire tube boiler
Reeves compound engine
Location: Salamander Bay, NSW
Asking Price: $45,500 or near offer  REDUCED 
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FOR SALE Ref: 02024 Top
Description: Plant from Lindsay Drabsch's 26ft 'Siesta2'
Recognised as one of the finest steam launch plants in Australia. Compound engine 3"x4.5"x4"
Norm Clough design with reduction gear driven feed and air pump. Hand pump.
Colloidal graphite for internal lubrication and NO rust or wear. 3.5 ton boat ran at 7 knots. Includes 20" propellor. 400kg approx. Can deliver eastern states by arrangement.
Boiler: 150psi Mereweather boiler by Col Wear, was registered in ACT but no existing doc. Stored dry since removal.
Location: Newcastle, NSW
Asking Price: $25,000 or near offer
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FOR SALE Ref: 01771 Length: 4.8mBeam: 1.8m Top
Description: 5 passenger fibreglass clinker steam launch, plus near new braked tandem galvanised trailer.
Hull and trailer currently registered. Surveyed for insurance.
With safety gear, and optional auto pilot.
Power plant: Current ticketed copper Yarrow boiler, Single cylinder 65mm bore x 75mm stroke x 500rpm, Puffer, 1.5 hp, 5 knots max
 SOLD  in 2 weeks


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FOR SALE Ref: 01924 LOA: 1890mmBeam: Top
Description: Liberty Ship Kit (Armed Merchant Ship 1/72 Scale)
Fibreglass hull. Click picture for composition of kit
Power Plant: Steam. Twin cylinder compound steam engine to suit the ship. No boiler.
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FOR SALE Ref: 01923 LOA: 950mmBeam: Top
Description: SNELL BOOT. German fast torpedo boat
with four channel radio control
Power Plant: Three motors, three screws, triple rudders
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