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Road Vehicles

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FOR SALE Ref: 02190 New Scale: 4"/ft Top
Description: Clayton steam truck and 4-wheel trailer, great condition, runs and steams very well, very easy and lots of fun to drive
Pnuematic tyres, working differential on rear axle
All stored in a registered 2 year old road trailer
Boiler: Vertical steel boiler, AMBSC certificate till May 2018
Location: Nowra, NSW
Asking Price: $22,500
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FOR SALE Ref: 02143 Scale: 3"/ft Top
Description: Burrell traction engine and ride on cart
In addition to the standard pump and injector, the cart has an electric water pump
Boiler: Copper boiler
Location: Sydney, NSW
Asking Price: $19,000
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FOR SALE Ref: 02131 Scale: 1"/ft Top
Description: Fowler ploughing engine, only steamed once to test
Twin cylinder compound, with two speed gearing
Crankshaft driven boiler feed pump with bypass valve
Rubber tyres fitted to rear wheels
Boiler: Coal fired boiler, last boiler certification in Sep13
 SOLD  in 2 weeks
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FOR SALE Ref: 02026 Scale: 4"/ft Top
Description: 4"/ft GWR Electric Parcel Delivery Truck
Freelance model of GWR electric parcel delivery truck - they had a fleet in the early 1920's for local parcel distribution
Fits in 6x4 trailer. All controls at the front.
DriveTrain: 36V drive from 3x 12V truck batteries. Includes 30A charger.
Location: Oakleigh, Vic
Asking Price: $4,700   REDUCED 
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7¼" +Updated 5"gUpdated 3½", 2½"Updated 32/45mm RoadUpdated Other Machinery Books Marine AU