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71/4" Gauge (and larger gauges)

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FOR SALE Ref: 02325 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: Qty 3x 71/4"g RMI Railworks short 21/2" scale gondola
1.5m long x 570mm wide with 230mm high sides being about 370mm above rail height
Each gondola comes with 3 small childern's seats which are not attached to body
Boiler: n/a
Location: Altona, Vic
Asking Price: $2,500 each
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FOR SALE Ref: 02324 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: Battery electric loco, Chain drive to all axles
12V auxiliaries
DriveTrain: 4x 450W 24V traction motors
Location: Townsville, Qld
Asking Price: $9,000
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FOR SALE Ref: 02305 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: Loco 2015 & carriages, good condition, ready to run. Can be driven behind loco or passenger carriage. Sound generator, battery charger, air horns on board.
LED Lights, seats in good condition. Carriage seats 2 Adults and 3 children
Transporting frame to suit trailer or Ute & loading rails, toolbox included
DriveTrain: 24 V DC, 2x deep cycle 12V batteries
Location: nr Nowra, NSW
Asking Price: $9,000
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FOR SALE Ref: 02322 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: QR Gulf Lander motor railcar
Disc brakes on railmotor
Electric air horn
View train in AME magazine Nov/Dec 2017 page 35. Also visit Tamworth District Miniature Railway web site, and view Jan 2018 video
DriveTrain: 6.5HP petrol engine with electric start
F and R transmission
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FOR SALE Ref: 02321 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: Heidi 0-4-2 Live Steam Locomotive
Fitted with steam turbo generator, weir type feed pump and live steam injector
Antique operating kerosene headlight fitted, SS rosebud grate
Boiler: Briggs boiler with circulators
4 Year boiler ticket until May 2022
 SOLD  in 1 week
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FOR SALE Ref: 02320 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: 0-6-0 battery electric locomotive
Driving/riding car and 1x 4-passenger carriage
DriveTrain: Three 450W gear motors with 2x 12V 110AH batteries and DNC electrical system
Location: Sydney, NSW
Asking Price: $14,000
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FOR SALE Ref: 02314 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: Partly contructed Bundaberg Fowler 0-6-2 cane locomotive (AKA Bunyip)
Laser cut, welded, CNC machined frame and horns
Quartered axles, flycranks, axleboxes, steel wheels and tyres, leaf spring set ready for fitting
CNC machined cylinders, pistons, ready for final fit
Tender frame and body complete
Boiler: Yes. Duplex steel full loco boiler contructed to AMBSC code
Hydro test complete - ready for ticket. All construction documentation supplied
Location: Coffs Harbour, NSW
Asking Price: $0 Expressions of Interest
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FOR SALE Ref: 02313 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: Two passenger carriages 2.4m (8ft) long, steel body built to AALS requirements
Full air braking on all bogies, cars wired with lights for night running
These cars are in as new condition having a low centre of gravity, makes them extremely safe giveing a smooth and stable ride
Boiler: n/a
 SOLD  in 4 weeks
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FOR SALE Ref: 02306 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: 2-6-0 Phantom, Rosebud grate, injector, 12V water pump, air brakes and compressor
Loco and tender stands
Boiler: Steel Briggs boiler,10 minutes running time since steam ticket
Location: Townsville, Qld
Asking Price: $32,000 or near offer
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FOR SALE Ref: 02296 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: Three off, 2" scale auto couplers
Two off Aluminium bogies frame sets, and components to make two complete bogies. Wheels and axles machined and assembled, just needs axle boxes bored out to fit bearings and bogies can be assembled. All bogie components provided, apart from magneto bearings.
Priced to sell. All items in excellent condition
Photo does NOT show all the items in the sale package
Boiler: n/a
 SOLD  in 2 weeks
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FOR SALE Ref: 02291 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: Electric shunting loco, bought from Pheonix in the UK as a kit
10 hrs run since new and still haven't put the bling panels on!
DriveTrain: 24V with smart charger and hand controller
2x 85 AH batteries
Location: Brisbane, Qld
Asking Price: $5,500
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FOR SALE Ref: 02289 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: 2x A-frame riding cars, steam/air brakes on all bogies
Each wagon is 2.5m long x 560mm wide
Local pick up only
Boiler: n/a
Location: Gold Coast, Qld
Asking Price: $1,300 each
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FOR SALE Ref: 02290 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: NSW 422 class battery electric loco. Very well detailed and a pleasure to drive.
Includes straddle type passenger carriage, storage stand and battery charger.
Loco will haul two loaded passenger cars. Batteries are located in the locomotive.
DriveTrain: DNC controller and electrics. Two 500W motors, one for each bogie.
Battery supply is two 100AH deep cycle batteries. Will run all day on these batteries.
 SOLD  in 3 weeks
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FOR SALE Ref: 02287 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: Part built Koppel for sale - Great locos when finished
Inquire if any questions or more info
Boiler: None
Location: South Australia
Asking Price: $10,000
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Sorry - No photo available
FOR SALE Ref: 02279 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: Full set of USRA Heavy Mikado drawings, waterjet cut frames, 8 cast iron tender wheels, castings include - smoke box hinges, pivot block, crossties, smoke box cover, frame extensions
Boiler: None
Location: Gold Coast, Qld
Asking Price: $1,500
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FOR SALE Ref: 02276 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: 2-6-2 configuration steam locomotive with separate tender
Selling complete with new trailer moving aids and maintenance stand
In full working order
Boiler: Steel Briggs boiler with valid steam ticket
Location: Traralgon, Vic
Asking Price: $18,000
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FOR SALE Ref: 02238 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: Battery electric mining locomotive in good condition, approximately 1/3 scale
New set of batteries and some accessories
DriveTrain: 24 volt motor and batteries
Location: nr Ipswich, Qld
Asking Price: $7,000
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FOR SALE Ref: 02230 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: BR 2-6-0 STD Class 2 castings and frames, with frame extensions for 2-6-2T
Pony truck part completed, driving wheels faced and a few stretchers made
Includes a full set of drawings
Buyer to arrange pickup please
Boiler: None
Location: Central Coast, NSW
Asking Price: $3,200
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FOR SALE Ref: 02218 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: German design tank locomotive built 2014, runs very well
Has been stored since 2015 because of illness
Includes specially built trailer
Boiler: Copper boiler to Australian standards
Location: Deception Bay, Qld
Asking Price: $18,000 negotiable
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