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71/4" Gauge (and larger gauges)

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FOR SALE Ref: 02539 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: British Rail Evening Star 2-10-0
Loco will run on air
Tender is differ with axle pump
Cab and boiler cladding blower and loco stand included
Loco will require some TLC to bring back to her former glory
Boiler: Steel boiler removed and new copper tubes fitted
Boiler will require fittings
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FOR SALE Ref: 02532 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: Portable 71/4"g track and tandem trailer
Tandem trailer (Unregistered)
Track can be adjusted from circle to oval with a siding
Boiler: n/a
Location: Traralgon, Vic
Asking Price: $10,000
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FOR SALE Ref: 02528 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: 1 pair of Flexi-Coil GM diesel bogies 11/2" scale, originally for VR N class
All axles are sprung as per prototype. Each axle is driven by 1 x Bosch GPA 12V 400W Traction motor . (see photos). Also included are highly detailed and operational brake rigging to be fitted to each wheel. (see photos). Some electrical control gear included. Some locomotive detail parts also included.Price is for pickup only. Freight can be arranged at buyers expense.
DriveTrain: 6 x 12V 400W traction motors, mounted as close to prototype utilising toothed timing belt
 SOLD  in 2 weeks
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FOR SALE Ref: 02523 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: Mason bogie 2-6-6T, Highly detailed
Steam brake
Built 2011
Boiler: 10" steel wet-back boiler
Current AMBSC ticket expires 2021
Location: Bunbury, WA
Asking Price: $48,500
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FOR SALE Ref: 02518 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: VR 1 ZMF Guards Van
Internal light, LED external lights
12V battery with external charge point and charger
Boiler: n/a
Location: Wedderburn, Vic
Asking Price: $1,750 firm price  REDUCED 
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FOR SALE Ref: 02512 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: Partially built K1 Garratt, scale 1:3.3
Frames to rolling stage, with brakes and partial valve gear, mid frame, tanks and cab, fabricated cylinders commenced
Documents: BP Drawings, builders drawings, book Anatomy of a Garratt included
Boiler: No boiler
 SOLD  in 2 weeks
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FOR SALE Ref: 02504 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: Phantom 2-6-0
12 volt water feed pump, Air compressor
Air brakes on tender
Boiler: Steel Briggs boiler
9" firebox, 6" boiler
Boiler certified till 5-8-2019
Location: Townsville, Qld
Asking Price: $24,000
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FOR SALE Ref: 02497 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: Bridget 0-4-2 tank locomotive
Single injector, axle pump and hand pump. Steam operated drain cocks, steam brakes and hand brake
Riding car with S/S auxiliary water tank and dual height rear coupler
Boiler: Copper boiler with current ticket until 2023
Location: Tamworth, NSW
Asking Price: $10,000 negotiable
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FOR SALE Ref: 02488 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: Petrol steam train, 550mm wide 1200mm long, 6"' wheels, tender 550mm X 900mm, 2 pack paint
Air whistle operated from on board compressor, LED head light, Mechanical brakes
Chain drive to all 6 wheels
DriveTrain: Petrol 6.5 HP centrifugal wet clutch
Electronic start
Location: Adelaide, SA
Asking Price: $13,000
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FOR SALE Ref: 02485 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: New carriages, air braked
Fuel tanker $3500, Passenger $3800, Grain hopper x1 $4800ea 3+ $3600ea
Many paint jobs available on all models
Boiler: n/a
Location: Adelaide, SA
Asking Price: $0 See text
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FOR SALE Ref: 02483 Gauge: 71/4" & 5" Top
Description: 4101 Class diesel locomotive, with 5 inch & 71/4" drive bogies
2 driver carriages one 5 inch & one 71/4", both equipped with foot brake on all axles
Registered trailer and some spares
DriveTrain: Powered by 6 1/4HP petrol Honda, motor belt driven clutc
Location: Ballina, NSW
Asking Price: $8,700 or near offer
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FOR SALE Ref: 02461 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: Full Set of Lucky Seven castings for wheels, cylinders etc and drawings supplied by Don Young
Drawings can also be used for 31/2"g build
Never used in great condition
Boiler: n/a
Location: Narre Warren, Vic
Asking Price: $900   REDUCED 
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FOR SALE Ref: 02458 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: 0-6-0 shunting loco based on the Tasmanian railways V-6, finished in 2016
Has riding car with swivel seat with backrest for comfort, loco and riding car powder coated
Loco has done very little work, only selling due to health reasons
DriveTrain: Petrol electric using DNC electrics
24 volt and comes with 24 volt charger
Powered by 6.5 hp petrol motor with 80 amp alternator, 2x 12V traction motors 900W each
Location: Adelaide, SA
Asking Price: $9,000   REDUCED 
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FOR SALE Ref: 02443 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: Don Young design Rail Motor 0-4-0 locomotive and tender, built in 1988
Comes with accessories as well as rolling work stand in photo
Small registered covered Trailer to carry loco and tender (Sorry no photo)
Boiler: Hydostatic test passed @120PSI no leaks Boiler, Firebox or Smoke Box
Location: Caloundra, Qld
Asking Price: $7,800
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FOR SALE Ref: 02435 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: 1/6th scale Gulflander and trailer car
The carriage has seats, toilet, lights and mechanical brakes
Good condition and is in full working order with dead man's brake and horn
DriveTrain: Honda 5.5HP hydraulic chain drive motor
Some spare parts included
Location: Coolangatta, Qld
Asking Price: $5,000
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FOR SALE Ref: 02430 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: 71/4"g trackwork
Approx 400m of laid 71/4" track, plus steel rail for another 160m
3x RH points, 2x LH points, 3x crossover, 1x 8m bridge
Boiler: n/a
Location: Bingara, NSW
Asking Price: $5,000
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FOR SALE Ref: 02428 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: Wato Li'l Lima 2-6-0 Mogul, built in 2011. It is in good condition and a great free steamer
2.5" scale steam water pump, and air compressor, 2 injectors
Only ever run on private track
Boiler: Copper boiler to AMBSC, registered at TDME. Boiler No. N2H-11-12, currently expired and hydro tested
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FOR SALE Ref: 02419 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: Full set of castings for Don Young design 0-4-0 locomotive and tender
Full set of drawings actual (full) size mounted on Masonite sheets
Purchased from E&J Winter but locomotive never built
The castings, both cast iron and bronze, are in excellent condition
Boiler: None
Location: Coffs Harbour, NSW
Asking Price: $800 negotiable  REDUCED 
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FOR SALE Ref: 02325 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: Qty 3x 71/4"g RMI Railworks short 21/2" scale gondola
1.5m long x 570mm wide with 230mm high sides being about 370mm above rail height
Each gondola comes with 3 small childern's seats which are not attached to body
Boiler: n/a
Location: Altona, Vic
Asking Price: $2,000 each
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FOR SALE Ref: 02398 Gauge: 71/4" Top
Description: Malcolm-Moore 3.75 scale professionaly built in California
Will haul 2A/3C for approx 6 hs with full charge
Complete with non-operating Revell plastic V8 engine
Delivered 200kms free or shipping at buyers cost
DriveTrain: Battery powered with 2x wheelchair motors
Sound system fitted
2x U1 batteries under seat
Location: Joyner, Qld
Asking Price: $7,800   REDUCED 
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7¼" + 5"g 3½", 2½" 32/45mm Road Other Machinery Books Marine AU