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7¼" +Updated 5"g 3½", 2½" 32/45mmUpdated Road Other Machinery Books
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5" Gauge

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FOR SALE Ref: 02091 Gauge: 5" Top
Description: Estate clearing sale from Alan Wright estate - One day only on-site
at least 3 locomotives, plus steam engines etc, over 1000 items
Inquire for more details
Location: Loomberah (Tamworth area), NSW
Asking Price: $0 Various prices
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FOR SALE Ref: 02083 Gauge: 5" Top
Description: E+J Winters design NSW 32 locomotive part built. Frames, driving wheels, pony truck frames and some castings
Tender tank, frames, wheels and almost all castings required to complete tender
Also includes plans
Boiler: None
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Sorry - No photo available
FOR SALE Ref: 02081 Gauge: 5" Top
Description: Modified Sweet Pea 0-4-2, runs a treat, easy to drive. Professionaly built loco and mods. Modified valve gear runs for and rev. New mech pump, injector, hand pump and electric pump supplied. Working lamps, 2 mech lubricators. Easy fire grate cleaning. Some spares. Has run mainly at NDMES, check web for pics, yellow livery.
Can sent pics as required. Arrange own freight.
Boiler: Marine type boiler, 80 psi, new boiler certificate
Location: Perth, WA
Asking Price: $7,500
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FOR SALE Ref: 02064 Gauge: 5" Top
Description: 'Springbok' unfinished project. Mainframe, tender, fitted with wheels. Front bogie partly finished. Cyl, dome stack, smokebox ring door and mount plus drawings.
Boiler: None
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FOR SALE Ref: 02069 Gauge: 5" Top
Description: Diesel outline electric powered loco based on NSW 73 class, scale 1:12
Including driving car, passenger car, scissor lift loader/transporter and transport frame
Loco and driving car extensively detailed. Tradesman built, loco professionally painted
DriveTrain: Two 24V 300W permanent magnet motors driving all 4 axles (one motor per bogie)
PWM speed controller with power from 2x 105 AH batteries
Regenerative braking
 SOLD  in 2 days
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FOR SALE Ref: 02028 Gauge: 5" Top
Description: British Rail 4-6-0 configuration. Loco has not been run, 2 injectors, tender hand pump, 3 cylinder. Cab removed for repainting.
Only selling because I want diesel locos only.
Boiler: Copper boiler ready for inspection. Boiler registered with MELSA Bribie Is and all required minor adjustments and repairs carried out.
Location: Bongaree, Qld
Asking Price: $16,500   REDUCED 
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FOR SALE Ref: 02065 Gauge: 5" Top
Description: New rebuilt Merchant Navy 3 cylinders
Stainless steel rods - brake hangers
2-man riding car with Sandberg bogies, brakes, water tank, pump
Rotation jig, quartering jig
Boiler: Copper boiler AMBSC certified to 11/2019
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FOR SALE Ref: 02050 Gauge: 5" Top
Description: Super Simplex part built - Martin Evans design, laser cut frames with hornblocks fitted. Gunmetal castings. Brake rods & shafts, reversing lever and stand, reach rod. Plans and ME construction articles. Indexing stand.
Boiler: None
 SOLD  in 2 days
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FOR SALE Ref: 01953 Gauge: 5" Top
Description: 2-6-2 BLOWFLY Variant. HG riding car with handbrake
Rig has 3 water pumps :- Axle, hand & 12V electric
Loading Trolley/Scissor Lift
Boiler: Copper Boiler: AMBSC certificate 09/2020
Location: Gymea, NSW
Asking Price: $9,000
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FOR SALE Ref: 02044 Gauge: 5" Top
Description: Martin Evans design Super Simplex part built, rolling chassis
Chimney casting and set of drawings included
Boiler: None
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FOR SALE Ref: 02032 Gauge: 5" Top
Description: NSW 45 class locomotive. Will supply with dual electric motor and electronic controls if the new owner wants to convert to electric. This loco is well detailed and in great condition.
DriveTrain: powered by Honda motor with riding truck battery powered fan and lights
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FOR SALE Ref: 02031 Gauge: 5" Top
Description: VR S-Class electric locomotive. 2m long and 500mm high not including riding truck. Riding truck is 1500mm long. Loco can run for 5 to 6 hours without being charged. Full electronic controls. In excellent condition.
DriveTrain: 5HP Honda attached to an alternator to charge batteries if required. 2x 120AH glass mat batteries and 2 electric traction motors driving all 6 axles.
Location: Bongaree, Qld
Asking Price: $9,500   REDUCED 
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FOR SALE Ref: 02030 Gauge: 5" Top
Description: Tender and Cab kit for 5"g NSWGR C38 class, 11/8"/ft scale in brass
All holes pre-punched 1.2 dia (3/64")
Boiler: n/a
Location: Menai, NSW
Asking Price: $1,010
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FOR SALE Ref: 02015 Gauge: 5" Top
Description: EMD F7 electric powered locomotive kit by Maxitrak (UK).
Unpainted and unassembled battery electric locomotive. Includes motors, controllers and all other components in kit to complete. Requires batteries and paint/transfers to complete. Brand new and still in it's wooden crate.
Current New Price is $7,500 - Priced for a quick sale
DriveTrain: Battery electric - not yet assembled
Location: Roxburgh Park, Vic
Asking Price: $5,800
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FOR SALE Ref: 01955 Gauge: 5" Top
Description: A Polly 2-6-0 Locomotive, built in the UK to Exhibition standard and exported to Australia by Polly
Axle pump, injector and hand pump. Riding truck and tank wagon are by Ride on Railway
Includes Lifter and all equipment to steam away
Boiler: AMBSC approved professionally made boiler, as supplied by Polly. Current Certificate to 2019
Location: Newcastle, NSW
Asking Price: $18,000
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7¼" +Updated 5"g 3½", 2½" 32/45mmUpdated Road Other Machinery Books