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5" Gauge

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FOR SALE Ref: 02328 New Gauge: 5" Top
Description: B class diesel loco with riding car
Loco is radio controlled with sound card
Riding car has brakes and will carry 2 adults
Includes battery charger
DriveTrain: 2x 500W motors and 2x 110 AH deep cycle batteries
Location: Sydney, NSW
Asking Price: $11,000
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FOR SALE Ref: 02339 New Gauge: 5" Top
Description: Valdora and Maroochy cane locomotives permanently coupled
Driven from the included driving car, with a full function controller
Vacuum brakes for the train. The locos can be demonstrated in service
Prepared to deliver within a 300 km radius
DriveTrain: Powered by Honda 3.6HP petrol engine, through a centrifugal clutch and reversing gearbox, then right angle drive and cardan shaft to second locomotive
All axles are driven on both locos.
Location: Southern Highlands, NSW
Asking Price: $6,900   REDUCED 
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FOR SALE Ref: 02337 Gauge: 5" Top
Description: Ruston cane loco. Under-frame and wheels are Maxitrak.
Great runner and perfect for new starters. Operating headlight.
Pick up only
DriveTrain: Battery electric, comes with a deep cycle battery
Location: Rosanna, Vic
Asking Price: $2,300 or best offer
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FOR SALE Ref: 02332 Gauge: 5" Top
Description: GWR 1466 (14xx) class live steam 2 cylinder coal fired live steam engine
Has been run a couple of times, other than that its been kept purely as a collectable
32" long and is suited to garden railway or just being run on bearings
Boiler: Silver soldered, copper boiler (tested), with injector
Location: Tuncurry, NSW
Asking Price: $9,500
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FOR SALE Ref: 02329 Gauge: 5" Top
Description: Mallet 0-4-4-0, loco and tender in trailer ready to go
Please inquire for more photos
Boiler: Current boiler inspection (copper)
Location: Townsville, Qld
Asking Price: $21,500
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FOR SALE Ref: 02300 Gauge: 5" Top
Description: Sweet Pea
Inquire for more info or photos
Part of deceased estate
Boiler: AMBSC certificate, currently expired
Location: Melbourne, Vic
Asking Price: $7,000 negotiable
1,056 view
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FOR SALE Ref: 02299 Gauge: 5" Top
Description: Class 20 battery diesel loco - BRAND NEW, never run, diesel sound card, two tone horn and railing
Has never been run only tested, just needs batteries to go on track
Too heavy for me to handle on my own; have to get something smaller
Boiler: 24V, 4 motors - just needs batteries
Location: Perth, WA
Asking Price: $6,000 negotiable
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FOR SALE Ref: 02256 Gauge: 5" Top
Description: NSW D58 Class, fantastic condition
Running at Galston for past 20 Years
Includes Passenger carriage x2, Hydraulic lift
Boiler: 3 Year Boiler cert.
Location: Sydney, NSW
Asking Price: $19,800
2,491 views More details
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FOR SALE Ref: 02234 Gauge: 5" Top
Description: NSW C38 loco castings chassis with plans. Some machining of parts done, boiler tubes, bearings, axle boxes etc $3250
QLD A12 loco castings with plans, side frames for chassis machined $2400
Caribou 31/2"g castings with plans chassis, complete some castings $950
Inquire for more photos. Will sell as lot or separate
Boiler: No boilers
Location: Rockhampton, Qld
Asking Price: $6,000 for all
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FOR SALE Ref: 02216 Gauge: 5" Top
Description: Qld Rail BB181/4, twin axle pumps, injector, double acting steam pump, double acting hand pump
Steam brakes to engine and tender
In current use, Inspection by appointment
Boiler: Copper boiler with current certificate
Location: Clifton, Qld
Asking Price: $35,000
1,170 view
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FOR SALE Ref: 02211 Gauge: 5" Top
Description: British Rail 4-6-0, 3 cylinder
2 injectors, axle pump, tender hand pump
Riding truck, blower included
Boiler: Copper boiler, current certificate valid to 2022
Location: Bongaree, Qld
Asking Price: $16,500   REDUCED 
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FOR SALE Ref: 02193 Updated Gauge: 5" Top
Description: Doug Hewson Lost Wax castings suit LNER B1 or similar. Includes 2 sets tender axle box covers, 2 sets tender spring hangers, brackets & shock absorbers. Loco spring holder brackets, brake hangers & brackets & more. Now surplus to requirements.
Approximate value $1800 at current exchange rate. Can send additional photos.
Boiler: N/A
Location: Tamworth, NSW
Asking Price: $0 all offers considered
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FOR SALE Ref: 02159 Gauge: 5" Top
Description: Part built Springbok loco. Use for spares, practice or to give your own project a boost
I believe that there is enough here to help some Springbok builders with their own project
Boiler: None
Location: Ingleburn, NSW
Asking Price: $2,500
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FOR SALE Ref: 02123 Gauge: 5" Top
Description: Set of castings for 'Blowfly' - several sets available
Cylinder with end caps x2; Valve chest with cover x2; Wheels x4; Crosshead Blocks x2; Axle box blocks x4; Valve blocks x2; Eccentric blocks x2; Piston blocks x2
Boiler: None
Location: Loftus, NSW
Asking Price: $400
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FOR SALE Ref: 02030 Gauge: 5" Top
Description: Tender and Cab kit for 5"g NSWGR C38 class, 11/8"/ft scale in brass
All holes pre-punched 1.2 dia (3/64")
Boiler: n/a
Location: Menai, NSW
Asking Price: $1,010
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