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FOR SALE Ref: 02093 New Top
Description: 'Encyclopedia of Railways' by O S Nock. This book is in good condition. It has about 450 pages.
The book is a classic and covers all aspects of railways around the world.
Location: Warncoort, Vic
Asking Price: $120
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FOR SALE Ref: 02094 New Top
Description: 'Beyer Peacock. Locomotive Builders to the World' by Hills & Patrick
This is THE book to have in your library, it details the full history of the Company and its products
Location: Warncoort, Vic
Asking Price: $140
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FOR SALE Ref: 02062 Top
Description: Australian Model Engineering magazine collection. A complete set since introduced, 1987 - Jan/Feb 2017, 191 in collection. First publications Oct 87-May 90 have same green front cover. In Nov 1990, the publication was restarted in a larger sized format in full colour.
Duplicates available: Vol.nos 1, 10, 12, 16, 19, 33, 35, 38, 58, 66, 70, 71, 76, 80. 81, 88, 93, 98, 100-170., with 105 and 110 x 2. Duplicates priced @ $1.50/copy, or Pick up preferred.
Will send collection by courier at buyer's expense. Will also send duplicates if required at buyer's expense.
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FOR SALE Ref: 02061 Top
Description: Engineering in Miniature (UK). Complete set since introduced in 1979 - 2017, monthly in special annual binders.
Duplicates (sold separately): 1981, July; 1982, July, Aug, Oct; 1985, Mar; 1986, May, Sept, Oct, Dec; 1987, Sept; 1988, Mar (x 2), Jun, Jul, Aug; 1996, Jul; and 1997, May (x 2). $2/copy or 18 magazines for $30.
N.B. Pick up preferred. Will send via courier at buyer's expense. Possible that the duplicate collection could be sent via Australia Post at buyer's expense.
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FOR SALE Ref: 02060 Top
Description: Model Engineer's Workshop, UK magazine collection. A complete set since the magazine was introduced in 1979 - 2017, presented in ring binders, as 1 lot.
Also for sale, duplicates of 1990 (2) Autumn; 1991 (no. 4 & 5) and 1992 (nos 13, 16, 36, 62, 63, 64, 66 and 147). $2/magazine, or $35 the lot. Pick up, or postage extra. Duplicates for sale individually or as a collection separate from main collection.
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FOR SALE Ref: 02059 Top
Description: Model Engineer Magazine Collection: 1898~2017. Most in good condition.
Some bound volumes, many in sturdy folders. Will only sell as a complete set.
Pick up or request a quote for delivery by courier.
Additional copies also available separately (see second picture with copies wrapped in brown paper).
Sorry - No photo available
FOR SALE Ref: 02037 Top
Description: U.K. Model Engineer Magazine
1975 through to 1988 - Complete except for issues 3739, 3836
1979 all 20 issues to # 3858 (Oct)
1972 - 1974, 7 issues
All in V.G.C, Carefully stored. Total Mass 42Kg - 5 boxes - 337 mags
Location: Melbourne Eastern suburbs, Vic
Asking Price: $260
Sorry - No photo available
FOR SALE Ref: 02008 Top
Description: 178 'Model Engineer' magazines: 1956 (8), 1957 (32), 1958 (34), 1959 (19), 1960 (42), 1961 (22), 1962 (21)
Good condition. Prefer to sell as 1 lot.
Location: Leeton, NSW
Asking Price: $1 each negotiable
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FOR SALE Ref: 01989 Top
Description: Model Engineer magazines UK 1928-1990s
Australian Model Engineering magazines 1994-2017
Rough estimate; about 900 magazines
Location: Hobart, Tas
Asking Price: $900
24 views More details
Sorry - No photo available
FOR SALE Ref: 01905 Top
Description: UK 'Model Engineer' magazines:
1973 through 1995 complete except issues 3483, 3484
1972 complete except issues 3422, 3434, 3435, 3436, 3439
1971 complete except issues 3414, 3417, 3418, 3419
1970 only 4 issues
UK 'ME Workshop': issues 1 to 31 except Feb/Mar 1992. Also issues 67,141, 151,159
UK 'World of Model Engineering': issues 1-6
All good to VGC. 84kg in 7 boxes
Location: Sunshine Coast, Qld
Asking Price: $750 for Uk ME, $100 for the rest  REDUCED 
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FOR SALE Ref: 01076 Top
Description: 'Joy in the Making - 100 Years of the Sydney Society of Model Engineers'
A4 size individually numbered limited edition book produced for the Society's Centenary celebrations. Records the history of the SSME from its inception in 1906 until 2006. Detailed information and many historical photographs of the club, its members and the models.
Copies still available.
Location: Luddenham, NSW
Asking price: $25 per copy (plus postage)
Available by mail order from the SSME. Order form here. [PDF]
Contact: Details on order form 24 views
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7¼" +Updated 5"g 3½", 2½" 32/45mmUpdated Road Other Machinery Books