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 Locomotive recovered  3 days after being stolen (sadly very badly damaged and unrepairable). The locomotive was dismembered using crowbars and bolt cutters for the relatively small amount of copper in its boiler and fittings, presumably as scrap for a few $, and dumped into the sea.


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5"g H16 4-6-2 English Tank steam locomotive

The Illawarra Live Steamers railway club was broken into late last night, and this (and another) locomotive was removed from the Carriage Shed. Evidence of scratches on one of the other locomotives in the shed indicates they were most likely after the copper boilers for scrap value, which is a couple of hundred dollars compared with the thousands of dollars and hours gone into building these. Both locomotives have been to several clubs, running at Galston, Mudgee, Canberra and various other tracks.

The boiler number of locomotive (commonly known as the 'Warrick') is NC-07-0140.

If you see or hear of anything to do with these locomotives, please contact me, or Wollongong Police on 02 4226 7899.

Scrap metal dealers in the Illawarra are being notified of the theft, if you know of any within the greater NSW region that deal in copper please alert them, just in case.

Contact: Greg Coleman Ph. [+61](0)448 294 192, or
email: the.acgc (at)