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Theft and resale of multiple number and builder’s (works) plates from locomotives on display in railway museums in Africa.
Specifically from Nairobi, Kenya and Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

These plates, which went missing a number of years ago, have been showing up for Auction in England over the past two years.

Included in the thefts is the works plate from the "flag-carrying" 59 class Beyer Garratt 5901 "Mount Kenya" taken from the museum wall itself (this plate has not turned up as yet for auction).

The police and the media are involved in England.

The auction house(s) will not name the seller except to say that he is an "Australian Railway Enthusiast" and involved in carriage and wagon restoration in that country.

We would like to find out who this "railway enthusiast" is, and ask if you have any clues from the info stated above.

In first instance, contact Trevor Heath on email: trevor.heath (at)